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Did you know?

Yellowstone sits on a super-volcano.

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most famous national parks in the world. It is located in the western United States mostly within the territory of Wyoming but also extending into Montana and Idaho. Its scenic landscapes full of unique geological features have captivated minds of both indigenous and settler populations, inspiring the idea of a protecting them for future generations. On March 1, 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant signed the Yellowstone National Park Protection Act, establishing the first American national park and the first such park in the world.

While the early explorers comprehended uniqueness of this natural phenomenon and the need of protecting it, they certainly had no idea that the entire setting is powered by a massive super-volcano, still active deep beneath the surface. The immense caldera measuring 70 by 45 kilometers attests to the site's violent past with evidence of three cataclysmic eruptions over the last two million years, spewing millions of cubic meters of ash, rock and pyroclastic materials high into the air. It is the largest caldera in North America and one of the largest in the world.

Yellowstone is a melting pot of savage beauty, created by biggest explosions ever to rock the Earth and its violent heart still smolders. Blowing off steam through some 300 geysers, more than anywhere else in the world. The most famous geyser, Old Faithful, hurls hot water 150 feet into the air, venting its rage every 60 to 90 minutes. That's how long it takes to build up enough pressure to turn groundwater into explosive steam.

America's National Parks | National Geographic

Although the super-volcano is considered dormant, frequent earthquakes and numerous hot geysers manifest volcanic activity still raging beneath Yellowstone. Geologists agree that this activity will result in another catastrophic event in the future, some even believe an eruption is overdue.