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About Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a popular winter team sport, played in numerous countries. It is governed by the International Ice Hockey Federation founded in 1908 and headquartered currently in Zurich, Switzerland. As of 2024, the organization is comprised of 84 member national associations. Some prestigious professional leagues have their own governing bodies with separate rulebooks but for the most part, the game is the same worldwide.

History of Ice Hockey

There is no universal agreement on where and when ice hockey was invented. Researchers lean towards the conclusion that the first ice hockey game was played in Canada in the 19th century, having gradually evolved from various stick and ball games played at the time. Shinty and hurling are two games seen today as precursors to ice hockey but the latter was certainly influenced by the native American game of lacrosse and later by bandy, a similar game played on ice with a ball. The first known rules of the game were published in Halifax and Montreal. Canada had the first teams and associations and has consistently claimed the game as its national sport. Consequently, the first known indoor hockey match, played in 1875 between students of the McGill University in Montreal, is generally considered the first organized ice hockey game. That match was played with rules based on rugby. As the sport gained in popularity, it underwent a major transformation into the fast and exciting game it is today. The first professional leagues were created in the early 20th century and the sport is part of the Olympic Games program since 1920.

Ice Hockey today

Modern ice hockey is a demanding sport, requiring expensive infrastructure and equipment. While the game continues to grow worldwide, most nations are unable to compete with the rich, highly developed countries with large arena populations and long standing leagues. Canada is an absolute leader in ice hockey, dominating all categories and now officially recognizing the game as its national winter sport. Other nations where ice hockey is highly developed and culturally important are: Czechia, Slovakia, Sweden and Finland. The United States and Russia are also top contenders, although other sports are more important to those nations.

Invitation to an ice hockey rink

We hope you will enjoy our quiz on the fastest team sport, learn something new and maybe even consider a visit to a skating rink. Whether you are new to skating or a seasoned ice hockey fan, a pick-up hockey game can be a very enjoyable experience.


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Did you know?

Montreal Canadiens are the most successful ice hockey club.

The Montreal Canadiens, officially: le Club de hockey Canadien, are a professional ice hockey club, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The club was founded in 1909, as part of the National Hockey Association. It promptly gained support of the francophone community. The club progressively improved, winning the Stanley Cup in 1916. A year later, Canadiens co-founded the National Hockey League and continue to its franchise today.

Over the years, the Canadiens have won numerous trophies and awards. They have claimed the most prestigious prize in professional ice hockey, the Stanley Cup, a record 24 times. While it has been 30 years since their last win, the Habs, as they are generally called by their fans, remain a top-level team in Canada with a religiously devoted fan base. The Canadiens are the oldest professional ice hockey club still in operation and are universally considered the most successful club in the history of the game.

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